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How To Write Winning Job Application Forms And Snag A Job!

According to Time Magazine, completing job application forms doesn't come easy to most of us.

In a recent article, Time reported that US high school graduates have even gone as far as to sue their school systems because while they got respectable grades and a diploma, they can't fill in a job application correctly!

This Snag A Job Guide will make the whole thing easy. Written by 4 Management and HR Professionals, we'll help you write winning application forms that get you ahead of your competition and on your way to an interview.

General advice when completing job application forms

  • Spelling and Grammar

When we read an employment application form, we circle any spelling and grammar mistakes. One we'll accept, two is bad, three is a no-no.

Why? Because if you have not taken enough care to make sure your application is error free, we will doubt your commitment to the job and your ability, and likely not shortlist you for interview.

It's simple advice we know, but you’d be surprised how many job application forms we receive with mistakes.

Quick Tip 1: Ask someone else to read your application. We can almost guarantee they will spot things you haven't.

Quick Tip 2: Read our advice on using apostrophes the most common grammatical mistake we find.

  • No Blank Spaces

  • Answer every question on the job application form. If no answer is needed, write "N/A" or score though the section. Again, it shows you have taken your time, read every question and checked the application form.

    We do receive incomplete job application forms, often with key information missing. Examples of questions left blank include:

    • "Do you have a full, clean driving licence?"

    • "Are you a US resident?"

    • "Do you have any disability which could affect your ability to do the job for which you are applying?"

      • Type or Write?

      Whenever possible, type your answers. Typing is easier to read. Some employers can provide e-application forms. If they do, use one. If not, write clearly using a good pen - don’t risk it running out! Write out any free-format answers roughly first, before writing them on the job application form itself.

      It's better to type out any longer free-format answers and attach them as separate sheets. Remember to write "please refer to attached sheet" or something similar on the application form in the relevant place.

      Quick Tip: Try to get 2 copies of the job application form, just in case (despite the above!) you make a mistake. You can always say one is for a friend, or get a friend to ask for one.

    • Finally, take a photocopy of your job application form. Don't arrive at the interview not remembering what you said!

    • For more help and advice please visit us at: http://www.job-application-and-interview-advice.com/job-application-forms.html

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