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Cambridgeshire Employment Agency

If you are planning a longer stay in Cambridgeshire the chances are that you are going to have to find yourself a job and find yourself a place to stay. What you will certainly need is the contact details for a reputable Cambridgeshire Employment Agency to get you started.

The agencies can generally be categorised along the lines of the vacancies that they offer. Some will offer only office work for example whereas others will mainly deal in agricultural and other manual work. Some agencies might only offer part time positions and some full time. Most will have a good selection across the board but itís worth checking out what their primary work is before potentially wasting yours and their time.

Some agencies you might want to take a look at, in addition to the local job centre are Cambridge Recruitment, Reed, Monster, Fish4Jobs etc.

Any Cambridgeshire Employment Agency will want to see an up to date C?V so itís crucial that you prepare this before you travel, or at least make sure you will have access to a word processor and printer before you travel. If you donít have a CV most of the bigger agencies or local job centres will work with you to help you put one together.

The key things you need on your CV are your current contact details and a brief summary of your education and employment experience. Some potential employers also like to know about any outside interests you have or other skills that might help you in the role.

To find an agency near your destination follow the link below:

Cambridge Employment Agency

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