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How to Get a FREE Computer, Scale & Printer from DHL

UPS, FedEx and DHL all have programs in place to provide higher volume shippers with computers, printers and scales to process their shipments. The problem for most small businesses is that they can not meet the volume requirements to qualify for the program. The rate discounts offered often fluctuate based on the weekly or monthly volume. This causes problems because the business doesnít know exactly what their shipping expense is going to be. If their volume drops too low they are penalized by being placed on book rates. If you know the right people you can get a free computer system with fixed in rates that are not tied to volume requirements.

If your business ships 90 shipments per month and/or is invoiced $4,500 per month for shipping then you will likely qualify for a FREE computer, thermal printer and scale. No monthly or weekly rental fee is required. Free onsite installation and system training will be provided. This offer is only available via a limited number of authorized DHL resellers. These resellers focus on managing smaller business accounts for DHL. FedEx and UPS do not have authorized resellers. UPS offers smaller customers the option of going into the UPS store or to pay book rates and process shipments on-line. Likewise, FedEx has Kinkoís stores to provide their services.

How do you find an authorized DHL reseller? The top three DHL resellers are Express 1, Unishippers and WorldWide Express. In addition to having access to the free computer system they can also offer smaller customers discounted rates. Express 1 and Unishippers also offer discounted heavy freight services.

If you are a current DHL customer then a reseller may not be able to manage your account. Account turnover authorizations are at the digression of DHL.

Paul Buisson has been helping small businesses save on their shipping expense for over three years. He specializes in helping start-up businesses and businesses that donít know anything about shipping. He can be contacted at 985-727-2992.

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