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SEO Careers - Breaking in as an SEO Professional

Search engine optimization is essential in today's competitive internet marketplace and the demand for SEO professionals has never been greater. From freelance opportunities to positions within established web design and development companies, lucrative SEO careers are within anyone's reach. As a search engine specialist at my company, here are a few characteristics and skill sets I would be looking for in a new employee.

Be Willing to Learn
Search is changing every day. What works well today may not work at all tomorrow and may get a client site penalized next month. It's vital that anyone thinking about SEO careers be ready, willing, and eager to stay on top of new developments at Google, Yahoo!, Windows Live, and Ask.com. Any potential employer will expect you to know the latest news about the industry so make sure to study up before attending any interview.

Write Well
Much of search engine optimization today comes down to copywriting. You'll need to write web page copy, press releases, case studies, newsletters, and blog posts. You certainly don't have to have an English degree but writing is part of this business and you should both enjoy it and be willing to do it on a daily basis.

Be Creative and Inquisitive
What I love about search engine optimization is it provides the opportunity for almost endless creativity. You'll be researching and analyzing keywords, brainstorming linking tactics, running pay per click campaigns, investigating your client's industry and competition online, and many other "detective work" type tasks. If you don't like digging in, investigating, testing, and discovering how best to rank your client's web pages then an SEO career isn't for you.

Be Proactive
The reality of this business is that very few of the people you're going to be working with will understand how SEO works or be able to offer you much guidance as you optimize a site. This is especially true if you're looking to start your own SEO company where you absolutely must be a self-starter to succeed. But, it's also true if you're looking to get hired in somewhere as well. I would want an employee of mine to take an SEO assignment and be able to carry it out with little or no input from me. After all, if I wanted to do it myself I wouldn't have hired you!

Don't Let Lack of a Degree Hold You Back
One of the great things about the web design and development industry is that results and work product count more than education. While having an associates or bachelors degree certainly can't hurt, your ability to educate yourself to understand and perform search engine optimization work is much more important for your SEO career than a degree.

The truth is that I'm self-educated in SEO and I would be more willing to hire someone who is self-educated over someone with a college degree all things being equal. After all, much of this job is self-motivated self-education and developing the necessary SEO skills without attending a university where you're spoon fed the information says a lot about your potential for success in this field.

If you you're just getting started in your SEO career and need that education, take a look at SEO Book. It's the industry standard resource for new and veteran search engine professionals alike.

In fact, if you ever interview with me for a search engine optimization position, you can expect a few questions to come straight from these pages.

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