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Want To Be A Musician? Just Get On The Internet

The internet as a music communications tool will eventually enter into overkill with independent musicians.

Julian Lennon in common with many artists, feels he has had a number of regrettable experiences with record companies and distributors. With his Web presence he feels he has the opportunity to disregard the traditional route of record releases.

These views are shared by many independent artists; the Internet may bring about a return to the independent musician as the center of the music world.

But while Julian has common thoughts with many artists he is uncommon in the fact that he has a very good insight to the music industry and even though liberty for expression of an artist may be a good thing, commercially it could mean the opposite.

As an independent musician, you are exactly that independent. You must deal with the business side of your career also. There can be no half ways. It's like leaving your parents home to set up on your own. You have to pay rent, utility, eat, cloth yourself and have a social life. To do all that you must act in a professional manner either working for yourself or earning your money working for others. If you don't earn the funds to justify your independence, then you fail.

Professional music should be dealt with in the same way.

So how can the independent musician justify their independence? They need to learn how to earn and pay their way. They need to learn about Promotion; Marketing; Networking; Production; How to organize events and Negotiation. Only the best in business will survive!

So why will the Internet enter into overkill?

Simply the glut of content in the world today (both legal and illegal). The barriers to entry into the world of content are really quite low.

This means that anyone can jump on the musical bandwagon.

Want to be a musician? Just download the right software.

Want to be a successful independent musician? Just learn about the business.

Steve Allen is consultant and music producer.

Author of "Marketing Your Music Success Strategies", "Personal Management in the Music Industry" and "Street Teams Expand your Fan Base"


Source: www.articletrader.com