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How to Find Cheap Car Insurance in Atlanta

Cheap Atlanta car insurance comes by purchasing Georgia’s minimum liability auto insurance requirements. They are as follows:

• $25,000 per person for bodily injury
• $25,000 per accident for property damage
• $50,000 per accident for bodily injury to two or more people

Of course, Atlanta car insurance companies will advise you to purchase more than Georgia’s minimum liability auto insurance requirements to make sure you are adequately covered, and you should – if you can afford it. Until then, the minimum requirements will provide you with cheap Atlanta car insurance.

Atlanta drivers shouldn’t allow themselves to be tempted to operate their vehicles on the roads without some kind of Atlanta auto insurance policy. Georgia issues penalties for drivers who allow their car insurance policies to lapse or become cancelled; you can imagine what they do to drivers who blatantly drive without car insurance policies.

However, not all Georgia drivers will be able to obtain cheap Atlanta car insurance by purchasing Georgia’s minimum liability auto insurance requirements. If you are making payments to a lender or financer and don’t own your car outright, you may be required to purchase full-coverage Georgia auto insurance. This may be the case for other Georgia drivers, too – poor driving records, numerous citations, suspensions, revocations, and other such offenses could lead to being required to purchase full-coverage insurance, too.

If you’re having trouble obtaining cheap Atlanta car insurance, contact the Georgia Insurance and Fire Safety office. They can give you auto insurance rate comparisons in Georgia. All you have to do is read the sample scenarios (which include the gender, age, and yearly mileage of a person), choose one, and the Georgia Insurance and Fire Safety office will give you an estimate of how much Georgia auto insurance you can expect to pay as an Atlanta driver. The office will also help you find out if a particular car insurance agent or agency is licensed to sell car insurance in Georgia.

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