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Is a Career or Technical School Right for You?

Do you want to go to college, but are not ready to commit to a four-year school? Do you already know what kind of job you want? With many options such as career colleges, community colleges, and four-year colleges or universities, making the decision on where to attend school can seem overwhelming. You might want to consider your options before taking your SAT of scheduling campus tours. While there are strong and real benefits to each kind of education, many people are less familiar with some of the reasons to attend a career college. If you are looking to acquire a marketable degree that leads to a great job but you don't have the time or money to complete a traditional four-year degree, your best solution may be a career or technical school.

Career colleges and technical schools offer the benefits of a targeted education, which leads to increased opportunities for employment. A career or technical school is essentially a shorter and less expensive, career-driven option to traditional education. This category of schools is attractive to students who desire careers in business and industry or trades for which most traditional learning institutions do not provide training. In most cases, the set of courses at a technical school focuses on a particular program of study, rather than providing an educational overview. These kinds of programs are intended for immediate employment after graduation.

Career and technical schools offer a variety of programs, including 1-2 year diploma programs, technical certificates, and 2-year associate degree programs. Some schools offer short-term courses, continuing education courses, and bachelor's degree programs. Technical students can choose from many different areas of directed education. Some two year programs include aviation mechanics, computer science, culinary arts, legal assisting, and paramedic training.

There are many benefits to attending career and technical schools. Career and Technical schools usually have smaller classes than traditional universities, which give students the opportunity for individualized attention. These types of schools oftentimes offer night and weekend courses which aim to accommodate to students who work full time. Technical and career schools also offer all of their courses over the summer to make the completion process more convenient.

Most career and technical schools have relatively high acceptance rates. A high school diploma or its equivalent and a minimum age requirement are generally all that is needed for admission to most schools. Submissions of high school transcripts and or an entrance exam may also be required for other schools. Some might even require SAT or ACT scores, or additional entrance requirements for particular programs. There are even some schools that will take any student who wishes to take courses regardless of whether or not they have earned a high school diploma.

When searching for a career or technical school, make sure that you research the programs and majors that are offered and the specific entrance requirements for your desired area of study. Some schools may offer a wide range of options, while others may cater to one or more specific trades. A career or technical college can help you get a marketable degree and assist you in getting a fulfilling career - in very little time.

Melissa Steele, Senior Writer, EducationGuys.com
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