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Where To Look For Communication Scholarships

Communication breakdowns: They can drive you insane. So if you’re a high school student entering a college communications program, be sure to get your facts straight when looking for communications scholarships.

Communications departments at most colleges and universities are divided into departments based on subjects. For example, print journalism, broadcast media, advertising and public relations may all have their own departments. The college of communications may offer their own scholarships or endowments for students, but each department probably has their own awards.

Communications students, therefore, should go straight to their department when looking for scholarships. Advertising students will be eligible for one set of communications scholarships while journalism students will be eligible for another.

Other scholarships may be offered to students by the professional organizations in their field of study, such as the Society of Professional Journalists. These scholarships are sometimes awarded at a national level, but usually there are regional chapters with money for regional scholarships. To find out about local and national professional organizations, contact someone in the field you wish to enter. Professionals may have inside information about groups offering scholarships to communications students.

Frequently, local media sponsor communications scholarships at area colleges. A student majoring in broadcasting, for example, may benefit from contacting local television stations about scholarship opportunities.

More communications scholarship opportunities may be available once you are enrolled in college. Some schools offer scholarships for students active in the college newspaper, TV station, radio station or literary magazine.

To earn a communications scholarship you will need to use the same skills your future career demands. You will need to be active in seeking out sources, filling out forms and writing catchy application letters. Therefore, the search for communications scholarships can benefit you in two ways. It can get you money for college, and be a valuable learning tool.

When not writing about college admissions and college life Veronica Krully enjoys spending time with her family and supporting the local college. She is an avid swimmer and runner.

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