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Specialize for Advancement in the Career of Cosmetology, Aestheticians, Estheticians, Dermatologist

Along with being an expert in the use of cosmetics and beauty treatments, a cosmetologist provides specialized services to clients to enhance their appearance and make them feel and look their best. Cosmetology is the treatment of nails, skin, and hair and includes things such as cosmetic application, pedicures, skin treatments, facials, hair treatments, manicures, special occasion hairstyling, wig treatments or hair extensions, and body hair removal. Sometimes referred to as a beauty specialist, aesthetician, beautician, or esthetician, a general cosmetologist is an expert in all types of beauty care. In the United States, all personal appearance workers including cosmetologists require a license. To acquire a license you must attend cosmetology school, then take, and pass a state exam. There are many private and public vocational cosmetology schools with many offering both day and evening classes to make it more convenient for students. The length of a certification cosmetology program requires full-time study of between one and two years. There are also cosmetology courses for people interested in advancement in the career of cosmetology.

At one time cosmetology specialists were usually women but because of the changes in cultural attitudes and advancement in the career of cosmetology field, a growing number of men are now cosmetology specialists. There are many disciplines in the advancement in the career of cosmetology, which include several types of specialties in one or various categories. Clients often ask a cosmetologist that specializes in hair for advice and give recommendations on hairstyles and colors. They also give hair cuts, color treatments, apply weaves and hair extensions, and often do work on hairpieces and wigs.

To achieve advancement in the career of cosmetology, some cosmetologists specialize in nail care such as pedicures, manicures, and nail extensions. They clean, trim, shape and polish their clients fingernails and toenails and often apply paraffin treatments, hot oil manicures, or do specialty manicures such as a French manicure. Other cosmetologists choose to become aestheticians or estheticians for advancement in the career of cosmetology. They are specialists in skin care and give clients treatments, which include body wraps, wax hair removal, salt glows, facial treatments, and cosmetic makeup. Cosmetologists that accept advancement in the career of cosmetology with a dermatologist work with them and offer services such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, and laser hair removal.

Opportunities for advancement in the career of cosmetology remains positive, especially for those licensed to furnish a wide range of cosmetology services and those with previous, hands-on experience. There are also numerous job openings due to people leaving this occupation or retiring. In addition, some cosmetologists start their own business or work with other cosmetologists that each specialize in a specific client service.

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