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Some Fun Facts About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a place to live. Here we present some of the fun and amazing facts about Las Vegas.

On May 15, 2005, Las Vegas Celebrated its 100th birthday. On this day, 110 acres of plots were auctioned. All this happened in the city of downtown. In 1910, gambling was illegal in Las Vegas. Later on gambling could come up as legalized gambling. The court approved gambling as legal in 1931.

Golden gate hotel was the first hotel in Las Vegas. The first casino in Las Vegas was opened in 1906.

Hoover dam, which was made in 1935, was made with the workforce of 21,000 men working for five years.

The famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign that you have seen was made in 1959. Betty Willis takes the credit of making that sign.

More than five thousands people keep moving to Las Vegas on monthly basis.

Clark county school district, which manages 280,000 students currently, is the fifth largest school and Las Vegas is considered to be the home to this district.

The amazing thing is, that the Las Vegas Strip mostly is not situated in Las Vegas. The major part of it exists in Clark.

If you are thinking of getting a marriage license in Nevada, it is going to cost you 55 dollars. But the best part about Nevada is that no blood test or waiting is to be undergone.

Fremont Street once was closed for a year. In 1994, it was closed due to high traffic. It was opened again in 1995.

these were some fun facts about Las Vegas. Hope you liked them.

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