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Your Greatest Tool- Career Services

Career services are often overlooked by students, but they actually offer some of the most important services at your university, and generally, the service is absolutely free. Why do they get so little attention? Some students don't know about them while others believe that they can only help if you haven't chosen a major. In fact, they can be your greatest tool for success.

Career Choice Assistance

First, let's talk about the most well-known role of career services. They help people who don't know what they want to do figure it out. They offer self-assessments and interest batteries in order to help confused students choose a career. Career services can also help set up shadowing opportunities so that students can see whether they would really enjoy a specific career or whether they should keep looking.

Learning Assessments

Career services is also the department that generally takes over study skills and learning assessments. They are available to help you determine how you learn and strategically create study plans and help you develop study skills based on the results.

Job Fairs

Career services also host school wide job fairs. Employers from all over the area, and maybe even all over the country, show up at these job fairs to recruit the best and brightest students. They also conduct interviews on the spot many times, so if you head to one of these career fairs make sure that you look your best and that you're prepared to interview if asked.

Interview Training

One of the more interesting jobs that career services takes on is that they host interview training. They will actually walk students through practice interviews and train them in proper etiquette and style. If you know exactly which company you will be interviewing with, they may even make sure the information fits the possible job opportunity.


Career services usually offers free workshops and seminars on a variety of topics. Whether they talk about writing a cover letter or creating an effective resume, these workshops are certainly worth your time. The career counselors have worked in the field long enough to know exactly what you need to do to be successful.

Take Advantage of Career Services

Career services is certainly the most overlooked resource at most schools. Be sure to take advantage of them at your school. They are more than willing to help; the service is free; and you can get great advice and direction by just walking in the door. So head there today, and maximize the career services department at your school.

Amber Smith is a feature writer for CareersandEducation.com. Review more of her work and read about using a Career learning center and explore her thoughts on online degree programs and online colleges.

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