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College Degrees and Career Path Salaries

If most of what matters to you in a career is money, then you are going to want to choose your college major carefully. Your decision here will largely determine the work you will do for a large portion of the rest of your life. At the very least, each degree affords you the opportunity to start a career earning a certain average amount of money. Let's take a look at some of those degrees and the careers and salaries that come with them.

Profession: Dentist. Average Salary: $110,000. Degree: 4 years Undergraduate and 4 years Graduate.

A degree in dentistry takes a lot of schooling, but pays extremely well and is highly in demand. The work is not easy, but always interesting. If you think you would enjoy going through that much schooling, you will certainly be rewarded with job security and high pay. Most medical degrees guarantee a high salary and a certain level of prestige.

Profession: Chemical Engineer. Average Salary: $46,900. Degree: 4 years Undergraduate required and 2 years Graduate strongly recommended.

You don't need to be a genius to become a chemical engineer, and this career can earn a fairly high amount of money. It is a growing field that is important to all new technology. There are many different facets of chemical engineering that one basic degree will move you toward. If you want to do anything especially interesting and cutting edge, it will help to pursue a graduate degree in a specialized area of chemical engineering. Doing so will also up your potential salary.

Profession: Nurse. Average Salary: $32,900. Degree: 4 years Undergraduate.

If your interest is in the medical field but you don't want to go to school for too lengthy a period of time, consider becoming a nurse. The pay and demand for these jobs has increased dramatically in recent years, so view the above salary as closer to a bottom estimate - and without the need to be concerned about job security.

Profession: Psychologist. Average Salary: $37,800. Degree: 4 years Undergraduate required and 2 years Graduate strongly recommended.

If you like addressing others people's problems and are interested in the way they think and feel, consider the field of psychology. You can serve as a great help to people without needing to obtain a medical degree.

Profession: Computer Expert. Average Salary: $45,700. Degree: 4 years Undergraduate.

If you enjoy technical work with computers and can learn quickly, you may already be qualified to do this job; you simply need an undergraduate diploma to prove it to employers. Everyone desperately needs hands-on computer wizards, and this career path offers one of the highest salaries for just a 4-year degree.

There are many other choices in the job market, for sure. The examples above are merely a few of the career opportunities you might weigh as options. Remember, though salary is important, so is your happiness. Try to find a career that you love as much as - or more than - your income.

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