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What You Need To Know To Avoid Getting Banned By The Search Engines

Search engine placement is one of the best ways to generate traffic on the web. Having a website on the first page for a widely used search term guarantees many visitors to your site each and every day. However, what some new webmasters may not know is that you can be banned by the search engines. Yes, even the search engines have rules, believe it or not.

Each search engines have their own set of rules. You donít need to know all of them, but you need to know the most common ones. It is important to understand these rules so that you wonít make mistakes by breaking them and causing your site to be delisted by the search engines.

As you may already know, keywords are one of the fundamental keys to search engine optimization. However, Ďblack hatí webmasters have been known to abuse them by stuffing their websites will full of keywords that are not visible to the search engines. How? They do this by making the words the same color as the background. Search engines have wised up to this so itís important not to do that or your site may become blacklisted. Itís also important to ensure that your site is not linking to any sites which have been banned. If youíre linking to banned sites, the search engines will think you are endorsing them in some way.

Always use proper anchor text when linking to your site, but donít overdo it. Overdoing it could scream spam to the search engines and your site will again become blacklisted!

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