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Choosing a College Career

It seems some people are born knowing exactly what they are going to do in the future but others need a little help to figure out what we want to do with our lives. There are people who have changed their career more than twice because it doesnít suit them; they are not good at it, etc. These people are open to many options and are willing to try different things but they might take some time to figure out what they really want to do. To choose the right career people should look for something they like, something they are good at and most important something they are 100% confident they can do for life.

For choosing a career it is important that the person likes the career. Everyone has his or her own tastes, that is just what makes everybody different, the same happens when choosing a career since people tend to choose according their taste, in other words according to the things they like and feel comfortable about or to what they always had interest in. Other people like or relate to specific careers by their personality for example a very social person would like to take a career that allows him or her to interact with other people. One of the worst mistakes people make is choosing a career they donít like. Some people even feel pressured by their family to take a career they have no interest at all. These people either get stuck in that career for a long time or they go wasting time looking for other careers. Besides liking the career there are other things to consider like: the salary, the time invested, the skills required and the opportunities this specific career gives. If the person feels ok with these requirements then it means that they donít only like the career but also everything this conveys.

Most people choose the right the career according to what they know they are good at. These people can be talented, skillful or both talented and skillful. The talented people are already born with a special gift for example artistic people that are good painting or sculpting; they are the people who are sort of born ready. Most people are skillful and they learn throughout their life something through which they can stand out. These two aspects are important for a person to find something he or she is good at and preferably something he or she can do for living. When people are good at something they tend to enjoy practicing this more than other stuff they are not very good at. So it is not strange that people decide to take a career where they have some experience.

Another way of choosing a career is by having confidence in yourself to realize a certain career. A great way of elevating your confidence in choosing a career is visualizing yourself in one. If the person is able to see her or him doing that career and she or he becomes 100% confident in achieving that career then it is possible that the person will indeed achieve it. Perseverance and hard work along with confidence can make anyone achieve their goal. If the person is hesitating about the career then he or she should look for a career where they feel they belong to. People who trust themselves with a career are very committed to it and are willing to make some sacrifices for it as well. These are the people who were 100% certain that this is what they wanted to do for life.

So it is ok to take some time for choosing a college career because if not we would end choosing a career that is not right for us. So people should pick their career according to their tastes, to the things their good at, and to the things they have full confidence of achieving. If the person feels related to the career or feels comfortable with it then it is a great option. Being talented or skillful also helps in choosing because it gives the person experience in that area. The personís emotion towards the career also helps in choosing because his or her confidence and perseverance in that career will help the person to finally achieve it. Following these three simple guidelines will help anyone with one of the hardest decisions ever: choosing a college career.

name: Alejandra Fuentes

Alejandra Fuentes

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