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Passing Your Job Aptitude Test

According to BBC News "the use of job aptitude tests as part of the interview process has boomed in the last few years."

And at a recent recruitment seminar which I attended, 30% of attendees were using selection tests in the recruitment process.

Research suggests the actual number is closer to 40%.

This article gives you information and advice to help you 'pass' Selection Tests.

Companies use selection tests in two ways:

* To enable shortlisting for interview. So your results determine if you are called for interview or not.

* To supplement the interview. So your results help determine whether you are offered the job or not.

You may find that the term 'aptitude test' covers any or several of the following tests:

* Psychometric Tests

* IQ Tests

* Verbal Reasoning Tests

* Logic Tests

* Numerical Tests

* Maths Tests

* Personality Tests

* Career Aptitude Tests

In most cases, a potential employer will tell you the title of the test beforehand, and this will be a great help.

Top Test Taking Tips

* Donít be worried about testing. In most of these tests (with perhaps the exception of numerical or maths tests), there are no right or wrong answers. A job aptitude test, or similar, is simply a framework designed to understand your aptitude for a given role.

For example, if the job requires you to use your judgement, you might be given a test which looks at how well you can read a paragraph and determine whether certain statements made about the paragraph are true or false (we'll give an example of this later).

* Most tests are multiple choice, take place under exam conditions and have strict time limits. You are rarely expected to complete the test within the time given.

* There is not usually a 'pass mark' as such, but your score is compared with other scores. These comparisons are with people in a similar role or individuals successfully doing the job you've applied for.

* If you are asked to sit a job aptitude test, it will typically cover two or three separate areas. There are lots of different types, but usually one part will measure verbal reasoning, another numerical reasoning and perhaps a third will measure spatial or diagrammatic reasoning.

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