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Job Search Got You Twisting in the Wind?

A customer recently emailed us about his job search success.

ďAfter landing a job in just 2 weeks, I realize now that finding a job is really a very simple process. You just have to realize that someone is out there with a job, waiting for you to come along. All I had to do was to get the two of us together.Ē

Knowing thereís a job out there just waiting for you sounds great. Unless youíre TWISTNG IN THE WIND because you canít get hooked up with the right position.

Maybe youíve been fired and youíre getting desperate. Maybe youíre jammed up in your current job with no moves left. Or youíve faithfully followed a lot of traditional job search advice and nothing works.

There are few of us who donít worry about our job. And with good reason. It provides the fuel that fires whatís important to us in life.

A job is not just ďwhat we do.Ē In many ways itís who we are. Much of our life is defined by how we make a living.

So when the time comes to make a move, we prefer to do it as quickly and painlessly as possible. We donít want to be twisting in the winds for weeks, even months at a time hoping against hope that the right situation will drop in our laps.

Thatís the desperate way to look for a job.

Making a career move can and should be a dynamic and enthusiastic acknowledgement of our ability to grow . . . to be successful. Most of all it should show us that we can be in control of our destiny rather than a victim of it. And that means we canít be a wimp about our job search.

So donít let yourself twist in the wind. Get yourself an assertive plan of action that guarantees you fast and lucrative results!

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Source: www.articletrader.com