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Overseas Jobs

Looking to travel the world, visit exotic locations? If youíd like to live overseas, then the first step is going to be taking a closer look at overseas jobs. After all, you canít make it overseas without some hope of employment first, right?

Finding overseas jobs in your area of experience is a little different than finding jobs in your own home country. However, many of the Internet job boards also have international listings. Instead of looking under ďoverseas jobsĒ on an Internet search string, look for ďinternational job listings.Ē This may yield more results, and you might have a better chance of finding what youíre looking for.

There are overseas jobs available for those considering a huge change. There are a great deal of jobs available in the teaching and government jobs categories, in fact, so consider looking here if you have some experience in these fields. The Internet makes finding overseas jobs much easier than using the telephone alone.

Instead of phoning, consider communicating through e-mails. Using the Internet, you can even send your resume overseas to potential employers. Use instant messenger services (which are free) instead of talking voice-to-voice over the phone. Conducting business through the Internet makes getting an overseas job much easier and affordable for you. Spending lots of money right before you move is never a good thing!

To get an overseas job, apply to every job that you honestly think you want or that you have some interest. Donít be afraid to apply to any job that seems interesting to you, because itís a lot easier to pick from several job offers than to have to take just one. So send out resumes, and have one prepared that you can send easily via e-mail. Itís also a good idea to keep a stock cover letter handy, as most employers expect to receive cover letters as well as resume from potential employees.

Sometimes, looking for overseas jobs can be time-consuming. If youíre looking for a particular city or country, finding the job you want may take even longer. But donít give up! Keep looking, and youíll end up finding exactly what you want. The only way to be sure you wonít get what you want is to give up on it, so keep going and keep trying until you find the opportunity youíve been looking for. Getting an overseas job isnít as important as finding a job you can be happy with.

Before you accept a job, find out what that job pays. Then, looking into the nearby living situation overseas. This, too, can be done using the Internet. The Internet is an international tool, and people overseas use it as much as the people in your own hometown. Find out what the cost of living is before you decide if the offered salary is acceptable to you or not. If you canít afford to live overseas, then you might want to consider looking for another overseas job that pays a little bit more.

Having travelled to over 40 countries around the world, Matt Reider started CanuckAbroad.com as a resource for finding cheap flights, travel advice, and information for expats abroad.

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