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Professional Development Grants

Professional growth is an important requirement for every individual, looking forward to a bright career. It helps professionals to maintain stability within their organizations. In the present competitive age, it is essential for every organization to enhance and increase the knowledge and skills of their employees. There are various programs conducted to keep the staff updated in their relevant fields. People can commence the professional development session with study, travel, research, workshops or courses, sabbaticals, internships, apprenticeships and residencies. There are professional development grants provided to people who wish to enroll in such programs or seminars.

The eligibility criteria to apply for a professional development grant for executive, administrative or managerial functions, teaching, research and professionals, is that they should have completed at least six months of continuous employment.

Professional development grant promotes the professional development of an eligible employee, by qualifying him to be eligible for funds. Various universities that conduct professional courses in medical, engineering and business administration courses provide grants for professional development. The funds help people to attend conferences, seminars, workshops and short courses.

The approval of a professional development grant is conditional and subject to the availability of funds. In order to apply for a professional development grant, the eligible employee must submit a travel authorization to his department head. It includes a notice, announcing the meeting or conference attended and a written explanation of all the activities and their relation to professional growth. The department head forwards the request to the Component Head for final approval.

In US, the professional development grants help teachers of various schools to gain maximum value from the school board programs. The PD Grant assists teachers in attending Master's Programs that provides in-depth, instructor-led sessions to help them master the board features and use them effectively in the classrooms.

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