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7 Night Alaska Cruise on the Vision of the Seas Cruise Ship

Are you looking for breathtaking beauty and the cruise of a lifetime? Perhaps you should check out the Vision of the Seas Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship and go for an Alaskan Cruise you will never forget. Why Alaska?

Well if you have already been everywhere else, Alaska is a change of scenery and it is not as hot as those other cruises with all the humidity. Plus they rarely have any outbreaks in the colder climates so it is safer too.

When going on a cruise ship do not get there any later than 60 minutes before check-in departure time other wise you might have to try to join up with the cruise at another port down the line, which means it will be your responsibility to get to the ship, because it will not come back for you.

You can even leave your emergency numbers with your loved ones but tell them not to call you while aboard the ship as it costs some $7.95 per minute to call the ship out in the middle of nowhere amongst some of the most scenic views in the World.

When reviewing all the cruise choices we narrowed it down to the Alaska Cruise and we are glad we did. Big ship along the Alaska wilderness is what life is all about. We are so glad we chose such a great cruise and you will be too. So please consider all this in 2006.

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