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How to Start a Business in California

The State of California is a wonderful place to start a new business. There is unprecedented growth in California and corporations doing business here have reaped great rewards. Skilled labor, beautiful scenery and unbelievable commerce opportunities await every new business in California.

Starting a California business is very simple and the first step is to make it legal. First you must decide on a name for your company and complete a trademark search. Pick a name that no one else is using or would conflict with your industry. You can search existing trademarks and file a new one online using a service or can be reserved with the California Secretary of State for 60 days.

Once you have completed the trademark search, it is time to file your articles of incorporation. You can file your articles online using an incorporation provider, such as the ones recommended at http://california-incorporation.legalspring.com or forms can be obtained from State of California. Time to incorporate will differ depending on which process you choose. Online can be in about a week and through the State of California can take up to 6 weeks.

Once you have filed your California incorporation paperwork, you will also need to obtain A Federal Tax Identification Number "EIN" and a California Employment Development Department (EDD) employer account number.

At this point you can open a business banking account and even start to hire employees. You are now a certified and legal business in California.

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