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Format For A Reference Letter-Learn The Right Way

In order to learn how to set up the format for a reference letter in today’s litigious culture, many important factors must be taken into consideration. If you approach it from the stand point that anything you write may end up in a court of law, you’ll write an excellent sample reference letter.

You’ve been asked to write a letter of reference letter for an employee. This person values your opinion, and you’re glad to be of help. The problem is you’re unsure how to format for a reference letter.

Reference letters are generally written for prospective employers, scholarship applications, and character reference.

An effective reference letter will contain the following:

• You must know enough about the person’s skills, abilities, and their character to write clearly and truthfully.

• You should know whether your organization allows you to write a letter of reference. Some don’t!

• State your title, position, and any other pertinent information.

• State the person’s title, position, primary responsibilities and professional associations. Also include dates of employment.

• Use a business-like but courteous and warm tone.

• Don’t make vague statements like, “he was respected among his coworkers.” But rather say, “James led the way in increasing production by 20% over the last year.”

• Describe certain instances where James really shined. You could mention that James stayed late to complete a critical project. Also that he worked diligently to help a customer make a product decision.

• Say how James is a keen observer and he knows how to make customers eventually buy. He stays with them every step of the way if they have questions. As you write, give a true, in-depth knowledge of the type of person James is.

• When completed, print five of these sample reference letters on company stationery and give them to James. This gives him additional letters for any other positions that he may apply for in the future. It saves you from having to write them again.

• If you know it, put the address of the company to whom the letter is being sent, as well as the name of the person who will be collecting these reference letters. A personalized greeting is far better than a general “To Whom It May Concern” salutation.

• Leave the address area blank in the other four copies, so that the employee can use them for other job opportunities that may arise.

If you’re stuck on what to write, ask James to write a letter about himself in his own words. Use this letter to jog your memory or to give you starters if you’re stuck. This is a great time-saver if you’re struggling to put the right words on paper.

Make sure the reference letter shows James how much you value him. It will help him feel more confident when he moves on to the next step.

Using this format for a reference letter will help tremendously. This is a well rounded approach. For excellent help writing a sample reference letter these people are simply the best. They almost write it for you. Grab their link here!

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