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Employment Screening Lawsuits

No company or organization would ever want to go through employment screening lawsuits. This is often an expensive and time consuming process that is why employers should see to it that they will hire only the right persons suited for the positions. And to better avoid employment screening lawsuits, they should follow some simple precautions.

Some tips

Hiring the wrong employee can result to negligent-hiring lawsuits which can really have a negative impact on your company. If your company wants to hire new employees, you have to first check their backgrounds because you can be held liable for their actions if you did not perform a thorough background check. But it is not a good idea to just delve right into this process. Before you begin with the process, you first have to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the American with Disabilities Act.

Under the FCRA, you are required to let the employee sign a disclosure form that states his or her authorization to perform a background check. This, however, is not just limited to credit reports. But it also includes all types of consumer reports. So, you must first determine what information that your state only allows to be used during the employment screening process.

The ADA, on the other hand, restricts employers to use disability or medical data in the screening process. This means that you cannot ask the disabled applicant about his or her disability during the interview or search about this during the background check. The only information that you can check includes academic records, social security number, driving records, personal references, credit records, criminal records, and worker's compensation suits.

You have to keep these two laws in mind before you conduct a background check so that this process will sure lead you to the right employees that your company needs. And with the right employees at hand, you can be confident that their actions will not lead you to employment screening lawsuits.

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