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Heres How To Turn Your Employment Rejection Letter Into Something Positive

We all know how disappointing it is to get an employment rejection letter, especially after all the effort you put in to get as far as the interview. But it's not the end of the world.

Remember, there are always more candidates than jobs, so if you got as far as an interview, you should congratulate yourself on getting to that stage. Most donít.

Instead, turn your employment rejection letter to your advantage. Here's how:

Getting feedback

If asked, a lot of companies will provide feedback which will help you at your next interview.

Personally contact the person who interviewed you by letter, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope. Thank them for giving you the interview, express your disappointment at not getting the job and invite them to give you feedback so that you can improve your chances of being successful next time.

Following the feedback, you can decide what you have learned from the interview experience.

Look at areas of weakness and decide what youíll do differently next time.

Make a commitment to do something and put these actions into some form of development plan. Review ALL the advice we give on out website. If you do this, you can turn receiving an interview rejection letter into something positive.

Don't give up. Work on those areas that let you down and be ready to do better next time.

If you would like an example response to your employment rejection letter, click the link below. you can use this letter yourself:


Source: www.articlecube.com