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Franchise Regulation Attorneys and State of Illinois Lawyers in Franchising Regulations

Many state franchise regulators like those in the State of Illinois and many Lawyers in specializing in Franchising Regulations do not care that they are destroying the franchise industry and drowning it in red tape. The Franchise Regulation Attorneys do not care, because they make money on the outrageous over regulations required on the Franchise Industry by states like The Great State of Illinois. The Lawyers in Franchising Regulations often charge up to $300.00 per hour.

Regulations hurt consumers they don't help anyone, it causes barriers to entry, causes higher prices and helps lawyers hijack the law like a bunch of International Terrorists and that is not "perspection based" as the franchise lawyers or Franchise Regulators would have you believe. That is the truth and these franchise regulators knowingly and willfully continue to hurt free markets and consumers.

The State of IL franchise registration office should be disgorged of their ill-gotten gains and all employees should lose their pensions and be terminated ASAP. It is the best for all concerned. There is obviously little if any leadership coming from the Governor of the State of Illinois who is probably a Lawyer himself. Something needs to change there. Why is the State of Illinois so aggressively attacking the Franchising Industry? Because they just donít get it. Consider this in 2006.

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Source: www.articlealley.com