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Vetting Your Press Release

Making a living from the world of writing means taking extra care to thoroughly examine what you have written before finally releasing it. When I have any document to write, I generally will write it and edit it in one sitting but save my most important final edits for another time. By separating this last measure, I usually come up with something that sounds clearer and reads better.

I have been on a surge these past few months having penned more than 15 press releases for six different customers. To date, each release has been satisfactorily written and submitted to separate press release sites.

One area of vetting which isnít as apparent is the usage of anchor links within the release. Across the board, all major press release companies require that a separate fee be paid for the privilege of including anchor links. This fee can range from $30 to $200, a small fortune for some small businesses.

Recently, I nearly saw one of my releases delayed by a full day because I used links without paying for the upgrade. Once I was alerted to the mistake, I quickly made the correction and resubmitted. The release was still able to go out on time.

The moral of the story? You can write a jam up press release but remembering the various submission requirements for each distribution company can be a job in and of itself. I would have hated to see the release delayed and it could have cost me an important customer. Fortunately, the reminder from the distributor and my quick action averted what could have been a disaster.

One more step to consider in the press release vetting process.

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