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Background Check FAQs

A background check provides a person with an opportunity to authenticate information provided by their candidate. It reveals a lot of information that was either mistakenly or deliberately omitted -- such as residency in other regions where a criminal record might be located. Background checks also help verify dates of attendance and degrees or certifications earned. It can also provide precise information about prior employment. An applicant's history will go a long way in predicting their future and a meticulous employee background check during the pre employment screening process helps save undesired consequences.

A number of questions are generally asked when it comes to background checks. The questions frequently asked relate to the need and importance of conducting a background check and the likely costs to be incurred. Questions relating to the method of screening candidates and use of database search to help enhance the in-person search of a background check package may also be asked. Since there are many different types of background searches, information regarding the same can also be asked. People may have queries regarding federal background checks, criminal background checks, nanny background checks and public background checks to name a few. The questions asked vary from one background check to another.

While hiring a company to conduct a background check the questions, which people tend to ask, relate to the period from which the company has been in business and details of their location. People may also want to know the source from where such companies get information on applicants. Information regarding the laws governing the collection and use of such information may also be asked. Since labor laws are strict in the US people may also want to know that even though it may be legal to get this information on a job applicant, is it legal to use it to make a hiring decision. Queries relating to the fees charged and procedure for billing may also be questioned. Information relating to the same can be obtained online or through the agency providing the service.

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