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Oil and Gas Offshore Construction Field Engineer & What They Do

Offshore Construction Field Engineer is another key position in the Project Management Team. Listed here is the Roles and Responsibilities and the qualification required.

  • Offshore Construction Field Engineer Roles & Responsibilities:
    • Directly responsible to the Construction Superintendent (OCS) on all engineering, planning, commissioning, materials and all other technical services essential to support the construction activities at the offshore site.
      • The reason why FE always bring calculator along.
    • He is to ensure that the details included in the installation procedures are fully understood and properly applied by the Construction personnel and that all project preparation is in order.
    • He is to work close liaison with the CSR and the construction Superintendent to advise on the technical aspect related to the project.
    • He coordinates and requests from the construction superintendent or the Barge Foreman any resources required by his subordinates.
      • This is where the walkie talkie is putting in action.
    • He shall review project planning with a view to improve on the completion date, if possible during implementation. He shall at all times know the current progress of the project with respect to planning. He should be able to give details of why a project is ahead/behind schedule at all times.
  • Offshore construction Field Engineer Qualification & Requirement
    • Must have recognized degree in appropriate engineering discipline.
    • He must have at least 5 years experience in his profession of which at least 3 years in offshore oil & gas industry including experience in major offshore projects.

Sulaiman Sabur is a Registered Engineer. Work as an Offshore Field Engineer mainly in Construction of Offshore Facilities for the Oil and Gas Industry.

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Source: www.isnare.com