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Temporary Employment Agencies

Why is it that two people who go to register at the same agency one is more successful than the other at getting work? Let's start with the very first thing. Appearance. A lot of people these days really overlook this basic step in getting work at employment agencies. I, myself have seen people go to agencies in flip-flops which is ridiculous! When employment agencies get new accounts they want to give a good impression of their company from the start to continue to send temporary workers because if a company is not satisfied with the temporary workers that are sent to them they will just seek out another temporary agency because their are many.

If you came dressed appropriately at an employment agency and they needed to send someone out to a new account you can believe that you would be considered over the person who came in with flip-flops. I myself have been given countless assignments for new accounts because of the impression that I gave when I first interviewed. My counselors always remember how I dress and have even told me that because of my appearance that they want me to be among the first to start a new account for their agency. Personally, another thing I do is when ever I go to pick up a check at an employment agency I go dressed like I am going to work in a suit so that my impression is etched in their minds. Trust me, over 14 years of dealing with employment agencies this one basic thing has gotten me lots of work making salaries of up to $30.00 an hour tops and lowest $22.00 an hour. Dressing appropriately has other advantages also.

They company that you are sent to will also notice and continue to request you over a number of years. Now, you don't have to go out and buy $500 dollar suits, none of the suits that I have cost over $200. There are many stores in New York like Porta-Bella that have very nice suits for a low price. I have even caught suits at this store on sale for $50 and you would never know it! For men, a tie can make or break a suit also. Many times walking on the streets of New York downtown you will see peddlers selling very nice ties for only $5.00. One day I came across one of these peddlers and brought 4 very nice ties for $20.00.

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Source: www.articletrader.com