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Public Relations for Employment Agencies

Public Relations for employment agencies is very important because if the local businesses somehow believe that those who sign up for the employment agencies are of less value than the other people available then there is a very good chance they will not even take a second look. Why is this you ask?

Well, many business owners have been burned in the past by less than efficient labor units or folks who did not really want to work, what they wanted was to get paid.

If a small businessperson believes that the employment agency only has alcoholics, derelicts, druggies, homeless and other misfits of society and rejects of our civilization then obviously they do not want them to represent there company unless that is the very last possible choice and some businesses would rather close their doors than hire incompetent labor.

So the local businesses need to know that the employment agency will indeed screen the applicants properly and that they will only send good people.

For public employment agencies it is important that they are careful to promote the public service employers do by hiring folks and this helps with the business owner buy-in to work a little harder and spend extra time in training, knowing he is doing something positive in the community.

For private employment agencies they need to promote their successes with local businesses and how they helped them get over the labor issues, which were preventing their success. Please consider all this in 2006 and alert the media.

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