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Pre Employment Screening Services

Pre-employment screening services make sure you are hiring the right people for the job. In today's world there are many companies that provide services for many sectors. In the same manner, for the process of pre-employment, there are companies that provide services like screening candidature. These service providers guide the company or business sector in selecting and hiring the right candidate for their organization.

A company hiring an employee looks at a candidate's merits, giving less importance to their background that can become the cause of major problems. These service providers help provide the right information by screening the employee's past criminal history, fraudulent social security numbers, untruthful resumes, falsified employment applications, etc. The reports given are accurate and legal compliant. This service can be provided online and include employment drug screening and back ground checking.

This service helps companies reduce hiring risks, increases efficiency and ensures employment of the right candidate. The staff at these servicing companies is professional, specialized in screening applicants within numerous industries, including all types of medical, technical, administrative, production, financial and management positions. The services include verification of employment, education, references and professional licenses, driving records, drug screening, credit history, civil history, criminal background checks and more.

There are many organizations that are turning to outside professionals for employment screening and drug testing services. The services provided are cost effective, highly professional and confidential and guarantee that your candidate has reported their qualifications accurately. The reports sent by these services are accurate and help you make the right hiring decisions.

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