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Three Ways That Short Term Health Insurance Can Benefit You

Have you ever worked for a temporary employment service before? If so, do you recall seeing small brochures that offered you health insurance coverage that you could have taken out of your weekly pay? If you're like most other people, at some point you've run across these types of short term health insurance policies, whether you first saw them at a temporary employment service agency or not.

Short term health insurance is designed for individuals with or without families that are in transition in their life. They could be between jobs and need short term health insurance until they can find permanent employment. They may have just graduated from college and their student health insurance is no longer in force. These new graduates will need a new health insurance policy until they find permanent employment. Another reason for buying short term health insurance would be the mandatory waiting period that new employees must go through when they start out in a new job. These waiting periods are usually 90 days to six months, however, some plans only offer enrollment once per year during a certain time frame called a "window". Here's an example of this type of plan.

Let's say that you began working at Acme Holding Company in March and by the time June rolled around you were now eligible to enroll for health insurance. The problem is that they only accept new members during a certain window each year. In this case the next window does not open until January 1st and is only open through January 31st. This means that you must enroll during the month of January or you'll have to wait another full year before you have another window of opportunity.

In a case such as this, a short term health insurance policy would potentially be a life saver. You could simply continue to pay on this policy until you were able to take advantage of a more permanent health insurance option. Please note that the example above is just that, an example and also that different short term health insurance plans offer different lengths of coverage. You'll need to get a few free health insurance quotes and then discuss this with an agent.

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