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Cruise Ship Employment - How to Write a Resume

A good resume is very important, often even more than your cover letter. So your resume should leave an impression of someone who is capable of the job.

Your resume is all about a good presentation, in a matter of fact style.

It is not enough just to sum up your previous work experiences. You have to give the reader the impression that you know what you are doing, and that you took great care in presenting yourself because you really want that job and are capable of executing it.

Depending on the cruise line your aiming at, your resume should almost always be in English. A cruise ship is an international environment, where English is often the common denominator. So you better show that you master the language. And with that, I mean no spellings or grammar mistakes!

Don't forget to list your other language skills and fluencies. The more languages you speak, the easier it is to communicate with your fellow workers. And if your aiming for a social job, speaking at least one other language could be the difference between rejection and a invitation.

Always include your home number (they make a better impression that mobile numbers), but don't leave the mobile number out. Of course, your address should be included as well.

First list your job experiences, then your education history. And put your newest experience on the top, so they will be read first. Everyone will consider those the most relevant.

When listing relevant skills, don't forget that proven ambition and good work ethics are sometimes more important than job experience. Make them realistic, and be sure to be able to proof it.

Always include references that can be contacted to check about you. Let other people to some positive marketing for you!

Beside the resume you also should include a well written cover letter in which you highlight your main skills and competencies, and in which you motivate your desire for this specific job.

To sum up, a good cruise ship employment resume should include to follow points:

  • your contact information
  • your recent work experiences (newest first)
  • your relevant education (newest first)
  • your skills
  • languages (oral and written)
  • socially
  • optionally your hobbies

And all presented in a pleasant way.

Van Upboy is writing at his blog http://clearblogs.com/cruiseshipemployment/ about cruise ship employment. His goals are informing people about what it takes to get that job, and to motivate serious job seekers to take action.

Source: www.articlecity.com