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Graduate Employment

Searching for graduate employment can be a daunting task. Seeking help in your job-hunting through a recruitment agency may be an option for you. There are several different types of employment agencies: general agencies that handle all occupations and levels of employment, specialist agencies who deal with a particular type of occupation such as engineering and government agents. Government agents include Job Network providers, through Centrelink, which are free of charge to both employers and employees.

The good news is that the agency makes no charge to the applicant. The agency charges the employer and the fee is usually a certain percentage of the first year's salary of the employee. Sometimes a fee for service is charged to the employer and generally there is no fee if the recruitment agency fails to find the right applicant. Also if the employee selected leaves the job or is terminated within a certain period of time the agent will often refund a percentage of the fee. This is commonly referred to as a guarantee.

If you wish you can register with an agency and they may offer to keep your records/resume on their database for when a suitable job comes up. This can be effective if you are looking for temporary work. However, registering with us, Graduate Jobs Network, will allow employers to come to you if you allow them to view your resume. Generally, the relevant staff within the hiring company will sit down with the agency to develop a job description and detailed person specification detailing the qualities and qualifications required in a successful candidate. The agency will then advertise the position using the most effective means (i.e. in a newspaper, academic journal, or a job seeking website etc.). After a pool of applicants has been collected, the agency will hold interviews with the most suitable candidates and in some cases they will conduct various personality and/or ability tests. This pool of applicants will be reduced and the agency will finally submit a short list to the employer with a recommendation of the most suitable applicant. It is usually then up to the employer to decide if they are happy with any of the short listed applicants or if they need to go through the recruitment process again. The employer may find that the job description or the salary offered needs to be reassessed in order to attract the most appropriate candidates.

An employer could alternatively choose to use an executive search consultant. This is where the consultant actively searches for potential employees and approaches them directly instead of advertising the position. Executive search is usually adopted for more specialised and senior roles.

It is important not to limit your job search to a single method. Use your networks; actively search for advertised positions and approach relevant recruitment agencies.


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