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Look Off The Beaten Path When Searching For Online Jobs

Many people find employment online, but not everyone goes about it in the usual way. Here are seven ways you can find a job online outside of the monster job sites.

Online classifieds. Message boards such as Craigslist.com have extensive job listings. Some are for freelancers, but others are for legitimate full-time positions.

Forums. Forums often contain sections devoted to discussing job leads, and some that allow users to advertise their own skills or post "help wanted" notices.

Email. Go and visit the websites of some of the companies you'd most like to work for. Send your cover letter and resume by email to the company's hiring department.

Blog about it. Write a blog about a certain facet of your industry, or one telling the story of your job search. Include links to your resume, quotes from references that can serve as testimonials, and samples of your work.

Explore niche sites. Whatever your industry is, there's probably a niche site for it. These sites are often well-known in the industry and attract a much larger variety of employers than a general site will.

Search for it. Type your desired position and industry into a search engine. This will pick up listings in obscure job boards and on company sites.

Make an online video resume. Video resumes are becoming a trend in job searches. They can be a great way to make yourself stand out from a sea of written resumes.

Online job searches have rapidly replaced newspaper classifieds as the way to find jobs, but they haven't replaced face-to-face networking. It's easy to turn down an anonymous emailer. If someone in the company gets to know you personally, however, you have a better chance of landing a job.

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