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Careers Through Culinary Arts Program

Donít you just love going into a restaurant that boasts of impeccable service? Have you experienced tipping more than the usual amount because you were totally impressed of the food and the level of service? Donít you wish youíd experience this every time you go into a restaurant?

Actually, the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP), is exerting a lot of effort to help raise the quality of service in restaurants. And how do they do this? Careers through Culinary Arts Program provide opportunities for the underserved youth. The program includes education on culinary arts, internship, and employment.

This non-profit organization offers the biggest culinary scholarship program in all of the United States. Careers through Culinary Arts Program presented a whooping $2,000,000 scholarship fund to student chefs in 2004.

The organization does not only focus on the youth. Careers through Culinary Arts Program also encompass other services like teacher trainings, jobs and internships, volunteer industry professionals, college and career advising, after-school programs, product and equipment donations, and scholarships to post-secondary culinary programs.

Careers through Culinary Arts Program give out awards and scholarships ranging from $1,000 to the full-tuition. The organization also extends its assistance to students to help them make the right decisions in terms of college and career. Careers through Culinary Arts Program also provide C-CAP high school students to compete in its Cooking Competition for Scholarships. The competition which are divided into the Preliminary Competition and the Final Competition, aims to provide able students the chance to make the culinary arts a profession. Juniors and Seniors from any Careers through Culinary Arts Program high school who have been through any culinary, cooking, or home economics class are welcome to join the Preliminary Competition. The Seniors who succeeded in the Preliminary Competition are the ones who will be advancing to the Careers through Culinary Arts Program Competition for Scholarships.

The private and the public sector have joined forces to organize Careers through Culinary Arts Program. The efforts of both of these sectors have attracted donations from different companies. Schools which lack the resources to teach more than the basic of food preparation are now being assisted by the organization. Careers through Culinary Arts Program has now acquired a long list of sponsors which have contributed more than $1 million in food and equipment.

Lately, the organization has started a new program involving restaurant internships for the students. This program prepares them for jobs in the culinary profession. This worthwhile program of the Careers through Culinary Arts Program is also driven by the objective of improving the service competence in restaurants. Even if some people insist that a person should be born with the skills and talent to be in the industry, the organization believes that there are those who never knew they had it in them.

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