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How to Choose the Right Career or A New Career For You-Create Your Career Action Plan

“I need help in choosing the career for me!”

If you’re looking to create a well planned career path or want to rekindle your lackluster career path, you need a career action plan. Best of all, you already have what you need to make your career action plan. Your own career change plan consists of 4 parts to clarify your career aspirations:

1. Career Clarity / Career Purpose. A career change kit starts with what you are meant to do. Find out once and for all what you should be doing. We are all meant to do something. No two lives are identical. We all possess a calling, a unique purpose to our existence. This uniqueness also expresses itself in the career we are meant to do. You just have to follow it by connecting your career with your life purpose. This same process can also help you reconnect with the "why" of the career you’ve chosen.

2. Career Mission Statement. The very company you work for probably has a mission statement. Consider this fact, how would you know what to orient effort towards? A mission statement can help to add focus, direction, and a sense of purpose to your daily decisions. Noted author Stephen Covey refers to writing a mission statement as “connecting with your own unique purpose and the profound satisfaction that comes in fulfilling it.”

3. Career goal setting. You should write it down. Use goal setting forms, which the experts agree are essential to set and track your career path. The mission statement brings meaning, but it’s goal setting that orients effort. It’s a must have, if you want to set and track your progress. While John F. Kennedy had the vision of sending a man to the moon, those who acted on that vision, outlined the steps –milestones (interim goals) – needed to achieve the feat. They calculated every step and hit those milestones before achieving the ultimate target.

4. Self Motivating techniques to kick start you career action plan. These are the internal abilities that have laid dormant over the years. Success is the culmination of the simple yet often overlooked elements of success: purpose, determination, commitment, attitude, self confidence, etc…These words may seem aloof and distant, but they only appear that way when you don’t have the first three parts of your plan. Your innate self motivating techniques are like seeds in the ground laying dormant ready to germinate once the three other component of your plan are engaged.

Consider this:

Only 10% of US businesses plan on a yearly basis: of that 10%, only 10% write down their plan and follow it. Of that 1% of all businesses that write down a plan and follow it, their success rate is 98.75%. As the pivotal factor of business success, you can use the same process too to turbo charge propel your career ambitions. Remember, everything starts - every success, even the very business empire you may work for - begins as someone's dream.

About the Author: Keith Raymond is a Business Mentor and Life Coach. Through his website, he guides readers on how to create a career action plan. For more information on how to find your dream career or how to choose a new career, please visit http://www.yoursuccessprinciples.com

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