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Beacon Verse Series, Article One

I am but a ‘Beacon,’
Like a lighthouse in the storm;
So, when it’s a friend you’re seekin’,
Come on in, I’ll keep you warm…

Like a fleece,
I will enfold you
To protect you from the gale;
‘though release,
No, I’ll not hold you,
When it’s time that you set sail…
Beacon Verse Series – Beacon© 1977 (part one)

The above poem is the first page of Beacon© Verse By Russ Miles which I published in 1977. Very well received within the local Portland, Oregon bookstores – which I had set up for distribution – I was ready to publish another 5,000 copies. I knew that the “Limited Edition,” hand numbered 1,000 copies would be sold out within a couple of months...

Then, I had – what I call – “An attack of conscience.” What if an unforgiving God were to hold me responsible for corrupting the minds – and influencing the actions – of innocents?

Frightening, purgatorial – and worse – images twisted my self-seeking, 29-year-old scruples. I’d only seen pictures – until that time – of Dante’s Inferno. Yet, having been raised a Catholic – I knew that hell was hot – and that the devil would administer no mercy.

I didn’t pray – back then. Certainly, I hadn’t seen the inside of a confessional – in years. I just hoped that I hadn’t already done too much damage. Immediately, I removed all remaining copies of Beacon© and my 2nd poetry book, Imperfections©, from the market – in early 1979. I felt my actions were consistent with the last poem’s promise in my 48 page, Beacon poetry book – as included below:

Beacon (part two)

When the waves break high around you,
And you fear you might capsize;
When the world is out to drown you,
And the storm clouds black your skies…

When adrift
Upon life’s oceans
So, your waters all seem strange,
Eyes uplift,
Dispel such notions,
With God’s help, you’ll find your ‘Range.’

Russ Miles writes romance books, poetry, songs, ezine articles, and mystery thriller novels that often include some of his early poetry. One, FOR SALE BY OWNERS:FSBO ISBN 0-595-28703-4,in trade paperback,is available by phone or Internet:1-800-Authors to order direct!

In 2006, his remaining copies of Beacon© and Imperfections© are being sold through his personal website http://www.MilesBooks.com and via "Poetry Book Orders" MilesBooks@gmail.com

Comments: MilesRuss@gmail.com

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