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Career Personality Tests - Discover How They Help Finding the Right Career!

Fact or fiction in the finding of the right career and helping you in the advancement of your career.

Many times you'll change jobs or careers and in a few months you'll realize you made a big mistake. You'll experience a high level of dissatisfaction with the new job and hate going into work each morning. Aside from the usual causes like a bad boss or the company culture is a poor fit many times your personality just does not fit the job.

A career personality test could have steered you in the right direction. This type of test can help you determine which aspects of your personality are the strongest. Then you can determine what career or types of careers are a better match for your personality. With a solid match between your personality and career you'll be excited to go to work each day and much more likely to invest time and money studying and learning all you can about advancing in your career.

Career personality tests, by going online, can be found in many shapes and sizes. Some are legitimate but others are merely for entertainment. Generally, the more authentic career personality tests can take up to 30 minutes to complete and may have a fee. The free tests can give you a peek into your personality but you should not rely upon them as completely accurate.

However, they can still point you in the direction you need to go. In general the career personality test uses statements about personality traits as questions. You then indicate the accuracy of the statement with regards to your own character. Your answers are then sorted by category such as introverted or extroverted, feeling or thinking and critical or perceptive.

If you score, for example, predominantly introverted a job working and dealing with the general public is probably not the way to go. If you score high in the critical category, making decisions in a rather unstructured environment may be for you.

You'll find that different tests use different category descriptions, so you'll typically score in every area with one or two groups of primary dominance. Once the testing is finished, you will have the opportunity to narrow down a choice of careers. While the test results can be fairly accurate and provide stunning insights, there is no one career that can be determined to be the best.

If you score highly in the extroverted category you may work well with others; however, other factors will determine if this is in a public setting such as customer service or a private setting. A career personality test merely highlights the best options. You will then have to analyze your interests to match them up with the insights uncovered in the personality test. Only then will you find the career that best suits you.

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