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Career Development Loans - Fund Your Vocational Education and Trainings

Career development loans are one of the most attractive and cost effective way for your career building or enhancement. Itís a bank loan for helping you paying for vocational education and trainings.

You donít have to repay the fund until or unless you have completed the course or trainings means repayment is on deferred basis. This loan is available for any full time or part time or distance learning courses.

This loan will assist you up to three parts of your training:

- Course Fees
- Other costs like books and other equipments
- Housing costs

Career development loans are available for up to 2 years of your course work and up to 1 year of practical work. If your course takes longer time to complete then career development loan can be used to fund just a part of your course.

Are you eligible for career improvement loans?

- You must over 18 years of age
- Not having any fund for the proposed coursework.
- Must not be eligible of having other forms of fundings.

Is it possible combining career development loan with other funding sources?

It is not possible to use both career development loans and other funding sources to pay for the same course. If you are capable of getting funds from other sources then you are not eligible of getting career development loan.

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