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Who Among Us Isnt Looking For One Of The Best Paid Careers

With the average household income somewhere in the $43K range, copywriting is surely one of the best paid careers. Not to mention an absolute blast day after day.

When you consider the fact that junior copywriters can come straight out of college (preferred) or advertising school (who even knew these existed) and earn a respectable $30 thousand, you can see that only a short time will be needed to pass the national average with one of these best paid careers.

Naturally, I can't speak about the kinds of money that is made on Wall Street in exact dollar amounts, but does six figure and seven bonuses sound tempting? They should. And these days the best way to get one of those best paying careers is to major in MATH.

That's right. Wall Street firms, more and more are looking to MIT to find new recruits. Why? Because trading is nothing more than a balancing act...and those with the number knowledge that can see all of the supply and demand risk and reward possibilities BEST gets the big bucks.

I've heard stories in my neighborhood of mid six figure salaries TO START right after the PhD is signed and sealed.

We all know that doctors and lawyers are incredibly well compensated, but the extra schooling needed is becoming more and more prohibitive...as it is with the math advanced schooling.

Personally, from where I'm sitting and the knowledge I now have I'm seeing more and more 'regular' people make their fortunes here on the net. But these are the people who live for the autoresponders and the sales pages and dropping cookies onto other peoples computers.

I also have another small theory about life for you as you sift through these best paid careers...and that is this...the more honest you are with yourself, the more you will make in the long run.

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