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At What Layer Are You Managing Your Career and Business?

The key is understanding at what layer you are managing your career and business, and where the opportunities are. When you can move to the right layer that most of your problems will disappear, and great opportunities to multiply results, revenues, efficiencies, profits, and employee results will go through the roof.

Do you know where you are in the levels of pealing back the layers of your career and business? It reminds me of the great philosopher, Shrek, who said that Ogre’s come in layers. Well, so do businesses.

So, let's look at how MOST careers and companies are run. This isn't to say that you do it this way, but I want you to evaluate at what layer you are working on, or at least how much time you spend at each layer.

Technical or Business Focus

I've found that the more technical a business, the more technical the thinking of the owners, top executives, and everyone all of the way down the ladder.

A simple explanation is to think of a cook in a restaurant that loves cooking, wants to go across the street and start his own restaurant. He is SURE that he can run a business better than this boss, so he's on his way across the street to his own business.

Of course, since he pictures himself as "a cook" he starts his new business working in the kitchen, making a better steak, a better gourmet meal, a better tasting whatever. But no one is walking through the front door. He hasn't learned that his main job is to RUN a BUSINESS not play cook.

In every profession, we all start with the knowledge and technical skills that are required in the profession. But as we advance in our careers and move up the ladder of success, our technical skills become less critical in our continued success. When we are in a management position or have our own business, it becomes the business and communication skills that are critical for our continued success.

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Source: www.a1articles.com