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Online Diploma Program Comparison - Penn Foster High School and Belford High School

The choice to become a high school graduate opens up new opportunities. You can go to college, start a new career, or earn more money. Even if you decide not to go on to college, your high school diploma can qualify you for new career opportunities. Earning your high school diploma at home can be convenient, affordable, and accredited. Here is how two popular choices, Penn Foster High School and Belford High School, compare.

Both choices offer affordability. Penn Fosterís program is just under a thousand dollars which includes all fees and charges. It is also affiliated with DANTES, which qualifies U.S. military personnel for tuition reimbursement. Belford High School currently costs $249 for the high school diploma program.

Both choices offer convenience, but in clearly different ways. In the Penn Foster program, you download needed study materials and exams and work from your home computer. It takes approximately nine months to complete each year of high school work that you are missing. Belford, on the other hand, has an equivalency test that allows to use current knowledge and experience that you already have to apply toward your diploma. If you complete the test, you could have a diploma in as little as seven days. Penn Foster does not take into account work experience in determining whether to award a diploma.

Both are equally accredited. Accreditation is important because it represents an institution's commitment to quality education. Business and industry leaders are interested in quality high schools and colleges and consider accreditation status an important factor when hiring.

It is clear to see that both are excellent choices depending on your needs and experience. No matter which you choose, a high school diploma is a step toward a brighter future for you.

Merry Wells is a former college instructor who encourages others to succeed using tools like Belford High School.

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For more information about Penn Foster, see http://www.pennfosterhighschool.com

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