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Finding a Job as a CNC Machinist - What the Career has to Offer, and is It Safe from Outsourcing?

CNC machining is a job sits comfortably atop the hierarchy of manufacturing jobs. A skilled machinist can command a very good salary in fact $60,000 a year or more is not uncommon.

As a CNC machinist your job will also be more secure and safe from outsourcing. This is due to the level of skill required to be successful and while simple tasks such as assembly are being outsourced a rapid rate. This is not to say that outsourcing will have no effect in the machineing field, or that your job will never be outsourced because any job white or blue-collar is facing the outsourcing pinch.

Finding a job as a CNC machinist shouldn't be too hard. Most manufacturing companies have machining departments and there are many shops that specialize in just CNC. Landing one of these jobs will be much easier if you have some machining experience, or if you have a degree from a technical college. If you don't have a degree from a technical college or any experience I'll tell you a little trick that will allow you to sneak in the back door, and land that CNC job and even beat out more qualified candidates.

You're going to want to research perspective companies and find the pay scale for their CNC positions. Once you got a list of prospective companies go apply for an entry-level position at that company. Punch press, sweeping what ever just get in the door.

How will this help you get a CNC job? 90 percent of all manufacturing companies promote from within. They'll give current employees preferential treatment before hiring an outsider even if the current employee is lacking experience for the open position.

Keys to getting promoted in a to a CNC operator position:

You'll need a strong work ethic.

Perform well on the job.

Have a good attitude.

Show a willingness to learn and make it known that you want to learn about CNC machines.

And most important be dependable. that means always show up on time, and always volunteered to work overtime if it's available.

Note these tips for getting ahead only apply to non-union jobs because they promote people based on performance where most union jobs only look at seniority.

As a trained as CNC machinist you will never have to worry about job security that is not to say you'll never get laid off, but if you do you need only send out your resume to prospective employers or place it online listing your qualifications and you'll be getting a job offers in no time.

CNC machining can be a rewarding and lucrative career. The author has been involved in the manufacturing field for over10 years and specializes in CNC and Swiss CNC machining

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nick_Leonard