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Career as Military Officer

If you are a hard worker, intelligent and disciplined perhaps a career as a military officer is for you. It will not be easy and you have to prove your worth before you will be accepted into an academy.

You must be college bound, good GPA and exemplary citizenship. Perhaps student government classes and sports will be looked on favorably, but most of all you will need a little juice and being nominated by a Senator or Congressman in your district sure helps as well.

Each year many kids wash out and cannot cut it and just because you get accepted is no guarantee you will graduate, many do not. It is challenging and competitive and they are looking for the best. Is being a military officer all it is cut out to be?

Well they certainly have a tradition in the United States Military that is for sure and they take it very seriously if you choose that sort of career. For some families it is almost a tradition and so their offspring are groomed from very early ages to become military officers and of course you would be competing against them for those same honors.

Do you think you have what it takes to make a career serving our country with such a great responsibility? If so perhaps a career as a military officer is for you? Consider all this in 2006.

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