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Two Miner Poems - Out of Cerro de Pasco

"A Miner's Son"
(Cerro de Pasco)

Soft dreams, from sun-beams, commencing
over a sill, through a window, down into a crib
o'er the head of an infant boy; he lays
waiting, just waiting for the day...!

With his soft dreams, and many a days of light
tinted warm breeze, he is learning:
he's a miner's son!

Sweet is the day, angel smooth skin,
the boy is happy; life is a delight; yet
life still is thin, shadowy,
but he's learning fast, he's a miner's son!

Softly he murmurs, a blink of an eye; dove
like arms, tossed to and fro, as if
he's ready to lift a pick and hammer,
dig for minerals: he knows no harm;
he's just waiting, learning, he's a miner's son!

Sleep well, little boy, sweet babe, once your
father was just like you, he wore little shoes;
so sleep well, with your heavenly face,
you're a miner's son, strong and brave!

#2223 (2-6-2008)

Children of the Winter
(in Cerro de Pasco)

Sounds of Quenas
(flutes) now are mute,
winter in Cerro de Pasco
has come, night and day
along with a new year.
The birds have gone north,
down the mountains steep
through its abrupt terrain;
as little boys and girls,
merrily play, with
llamas, alpacas and
sheep-with long stretched
out necks, and soft wool
they want to kiss.
And then, again, they go
merrily on their way
to find a new game to play,
as they welcome
the new year in.

#2224 (2-6-2008)

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