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Networking to Success

It was an awesome sight to wake up in the morning after a nice long sleep to find sign ups to your business. But, less then a month down the road, they were OUT!

Your head spinned around and around. What happened? Where did they go?

Well, let me tell you this:

TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK! Heard that before? It is true!

If you are not networking with your sign ups and working together as a TEAM, they will split!

Make sure that your Team knows that yuo are there for them and so is the upline.

I was involved with so many programs and never got a call from my sponsor or upline. I gave it a go and tried to become successful. But, when it came down to staying or going, I had no ties to staying.

Get the picture? I did not for a long time!

Now, if I had someone who showed me they cared, was there for my questions and was really working with me directly, I would of felt that I had to stay and prove myself.

Answer = Network for Success!

Grab your sign ups and take them with you!

For many years I have been in the fog and it has cost me thousands. Make sure that you are from the heart and there for your TEAM. They need you more then you know. I have been thanked and thanked! You will be too!

Bill Connelly

Director, Success University



Bill Connelly is a Director with Success University. His teams number in the 1000's and he is personally helping other to become success online. You can find more articles from Bill Connelly by doing a search. To your success!

Source: www.a1articles.com