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Five Reasons To Take Advantage Of Your Universitys Career Center

College is filled with a wealth of resources that you need to take advantage of. One of these resources is your universityís career center. This place has valuable information. Pop you head in every now and then and explore.

Here are five reasons why you should utilize your collegeís career services.

1. Explore a career path

Research your professional future. Look up salaries and growth projections. Read testimonials, how-to books and find out what it your average day would be like in the career of your choice. Learn about options. Discover what you need to do to succeed. Find out if what you want to do requires more educational development. Develop a career plan through research, and actively work towards your career goals on a daily basis.

2. Get career advice

Meet with career counselors. Ask questions. Find out how to excel in the working world. Get tips on applications, interviews and other job issues. Ask about your professional options. If youíre feeling a bit lost, ask for help and suggestions. The people at the career center are their to help you out. Take advantage of this help while itís still available.

3. Find a part time job on or off campus

Need extra cash? Go to the career center to find a part-time job. There are jobs you can get on campus and off. There are work-study programs, labor intensive and light commitment opportunities. Find a job thatíll fit your crazy schedule requirements. Employers who post in the career center know that you have commitments that you need to work around.

4. Find quick local gigs and vacation odd jobs

If you just want to find an odd job, there are plenty to be found at the career center. Trim someoneís tree, walk a dog or be a tutor. Find temporary paid positions that wonít take up too much of your time, but will still put money in your pocket.

5. Find a job after you graduate

Use the career center to score your first post-college position. Find a job that suits your interests. Utilize what you have learned, and it put it to work for you. Find work in a specific field before you graduate. Line up your opportunities so that when itís time to leave college, you know that you have plenty of professional options to choose from.

Your campus career center is a vital resource that can often be overlooked. Pay this place visit. Look around. Read up on career paths that interest you. Get advice about the working world. Find work. Whatever you do, pursue your career development while you are still in school. If you take career planning seriously as a student, youíll be a much happier graduate.

Review more industry related articles by Chris Stout at CareersandEducation.com Chris Stout is a feature writer and often covers topics related to Campus degree programs and Career Advice.

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