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Medical Assisting Careers

Medical Assistants are skilled health professionals working principally in medical offices and clinics. Their tasks are varied and based on whether they work in large group practices, small private offices, clinics or hospitals.

Medical Assistants work under the direction of physicians in their offices or other medical places. They execute administrative and clinical duties to help the health care office run efficiently. The task of a medical assistant includes, answering telephones, receiving and greeting patients, filling out insurance forms, scheduling appointments. They also assist in the preparation and maintenance of medical records. The clinical duties of a medical assistant include documenting patient histories, preparing patients for check-ups, collecting specimens and preparing and giving medicines as directed by the physician. Medical assistants are mostly employed by, practicing physicians, community-based health care programs and regional health corporations.

Certified Medical Assistant, Registered Medical Assistant and National Certified Medical Assistant certificates are some of the accredited credentials awarded to qualified individuals who have passed the specified exams. Medical assistants complete 1or 2-year programs in technical high schools, postsecondary vocational schools and junior colleges. A few are also trained on the job.

Employment prospects are best for medical assistants with recognized training and experience, especially those with certification.

Medical assistants usually work in clean surroundings. They continuously work together with other people and have multi tasks to perform at most times. A full-time medical assistant works a 40-hour week normally. Some also work part time, in the evenings or only at weekends.

Employers have become conscious of the medical assistants as important health care professionals. They appreciate and identify the skills and profit the medical assistant brings to the medical office. The ever growing and aging population enhances the need for qualified medical assistants to handle both, the clinical and administrative aspects in a medical office.

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