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Personality Tests

Personality tests can be used for various purposes. For example, they can prove to be a useful tool for finding out the type of your personality, your skills, values etc. Or, you can use them just for the sake of assessing what type of person you are. Personality tests are, however, now frequently used to determine your aptitude for a certain type of occupation or career. Most business houses now use personality tests before hiring their staff. People even use them to make an assessment of their dates and spouses. Salespeople, lawyers and college students - everyone tries to make use of them for their own specific purpose. From the fun Color Quiz to the top-ranked Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a wide variety of personality tests are now in circulation. Different types of personality tests apply different methods, and they are chosen according to the needs of the users. In the five-minute Color Quiz, your choice of colors indicates your personality type, while the MBTI helps you choose the job or career suitable for your aptitude and personality.

Through the use of aptitude tests, you can have a measure of your ability to acquire a skill or perform a particular type of job. No wonder these tests are applied by business houses for short-listing job seekers. Although there are tests on just about every topic you can think of, career tests are by far the most in demand. They can give a fair indication of which job or career will best match your ability and personality. Intelligence tests or IQ tests use specially designed procedures to measure your mental skills. It is quantified as intelligence quotient that is found by dividing your mental age by your chronological age and multiplying the result by 100. Many of the personality tests are available online for free. If you are unable to interpret these tests on your own, you can consult an experienced counselor to help you.

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