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Coffee - Nestle to Take Over China?

It's official, Starbucks has lost the race in China. Recently, Nestle has formed an alliance with mega giant MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer online Role playing game) creator Beijing Perfect World to start distributing its coffee and products to Massively Multiplayer online Role playing Game addicts across China. The games that Beijing Perfect World produces will encourage its players to drink the new Nescafé that will shortly be released in China. This move was ultimately the one that beat Starbucks own attempt to Starbucksinize China. The drink will mainly be served to those who enjoy playing the online games in Marathon type structures and will require the caffeine to stay alert and awake during the days long LAN parties.

'Zhuxian Online'' is the online game that has attracted the hundreds of the thousands of teenage players and will hopefully soon get them hooked on the satisfying delicious coffee of Nestlé. Zhuxian Online's website gives a brief overview of what their game is about - Chinese Myths and Lores that are integrated into the game to not only show off enjoyable scenery and fantastic visuals but to encourage younger ones to learn about their own Chinese heritage and culture...while hacking up orcs and goblins at the same time.

The game has taken China by storm since its release in 2007 and will hopefully continue to grow, bringing more players in and more coffee drinkers in as well. We will bring you more details as the coffee scene develops into what should be an interesting game and story.

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Source: www.isnare.com